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octagonal birthing pool

This birth pool is our largest pool. It can easily accommodate three if not four people. It gives a woman ample space providing the freedom to move around and adopt many different active birthing positions or simply stretch out and relax. The foam handrails provide comfort and is a perfect width to grip onto for support. The handrails also gives a comfortable seat for those that need to sit on the side of the pool.  

The pool is made up of 7 slatted cedar wood panels that fit together using plastic corner posts. The 8th side is a half width plastic panel allowing a gap below to feed the pipes through which connect to the heater. It takes approx 20minutes to asesemble and is extremely striaghtforward. There are no bolts, screws or tools needed.
The pool has a secure, lockable thermal cover that keeps children or pets safe from harm, allows prolonged pool use and reduces condensation.

The filtration system sits within the pool skimming the surface of the water. It is easily cleaned and accessible. We provide 2 sets of filter elements.

technical details:

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the integrated heater

The heater is a 1.5kw dedicated water heater designed to run off domestic 13-amp power supply, using the same amount of electricity as a light bulb.

There is a digital heat regulation thermostat that is set at the recommended 37 degrees. However it does allow you and your partner to adjust the temperature before labour.

The integrated heater unit is attached to the pool on one side and is 60cm deep. Also note, to allow access to the heater unit, the heater unit top panel will open sliding outwards, away from the Pool. You need allow for an additional 60cm for the heater unit top panel to be slid fully open.

Our heaters are cleaned to the same high standard as our pools and hoses. Click here for more information.